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4:65, the most miss quoted verse against the Prophet

This is the number one verse presented as evidence by main stream Muslims who believe we must use Sunnah and hadith associated with the Prophet an guidance and deen. If I take this verse at face value or as is I could clearly see why someone would come to the conclusion that this is the answer to that claim. Lets take a look at this verse and its context and see if it truly says what they imply it says: 4:65 But no, by your Lord, “THEY” will not believe until “THEY” make you judge about what arises between them, then not “THEY” find in themselves any discomfort about what you decided and submit submission. There are questions that arise from this verse that are not answered in this verse: 1.) who is the verse referencing when it says “THEY” and “THEM” ? 2.) how do you know who “THEY” and “THEM” are in relation to who is being spoken about? 3.) what is it “THEY” seek in relying on the Prophet? 4.) why will “THEY” not believe unless the Prophet intercedes? Fortunately Allah says we have to believe and accept all the verses so lets see first who is the verse talking about? to do this we need to read the verses prior to this verse. Here, is the start of the explanation in the Quran about who these people ferrered to are: 4:60 Do you not see “those” who claim that “THEY” believe in what (is) revealed to you and what was revealed before you? “THEY” wish to go for judgment to the false deities and surely “THEY” were ordered to reject it. And the Shaitaan wishes to mislead “them” astray - far away. 4:61 And when it is said to“THEM”, "Come to what Allah (has) revealed and to the Messenger," you see the “hypocrites” turning away from you (in) aversion. 4:62