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The Quran and the Hadith books

Hadith books

The religion of Islam) today still continues to be one of the misunderstood religions in the world. One reason for this is the fact that for centuries this beautiful religion has been unduly presented to the world through the so-called Muslim people, scholars, and countries that do not act or function in an Islamic manner, according to teaching of the Quran. The result of centuries-long ignorance is obvious. Not only has the religion of Islam been given a bad name, but also Muslims all around the world today are suffering the consequences of abandoning the teachings of the Quran, in favour of innovations that have nothing to do with the religion of Islam. One of these innovations is the volumes and volumes of Hadith books written some 200 years after the death of Prophet Muhammad. These hadiths are sayings that are attributed to the prophet. There are many hadiths that either contradict the Quran or don’t make any sense at all. While these may be some genuine hadiths that don’t contradict the Quran, there is no way to prove their authenticity even if the collectors of hadiths may claim so. We know the Quran is the truth from God delivered the Prophet Muhammad.

People also say that hadith books, which they attribute to the prophet, are the ‘authentic’ sayings of prophet Muhammad. However, if we really analyse the hadith books and what they are, they are what other people apparently heard the prophet say. The first recorded hadith being around 200