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The Quran commands believers not to make distinction between God's messengers

The Quran commands believers not to make any distinction between any of God's messengers (Quran 2:285 and many other places).

Yet according to Bukhari's books of Hadith (Bukhari 97/36), the prophet contradicted the Quran saying that he was the "most honorable" among all the messengers.

Not only this, the books of Bukhari make the prophet even contradict himself by saying in a different Hadith (Bukhari 65/4,6 and Hanbel 1/205,242,440) that we should not make any distinction between the messengers and that he was not better than even Yunus.

Could the prophet have contradicted the


Could the prophet of Allah have contradicted himself?

The books of Hadith in fact insult the

prophet by attributing to him things he never said or did.

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