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So there’s a real problem with today’s sectarian Muslims such as Sunnis/Shias who have elevated the messengers status to being a partner to Allah swt. We Muslims are offended for anything to be associated with our Lord however it’s the reverse for the Sunnis . They get extremely offended that we remove Muhammad from being associated with Allah swt. Now proof is in their own words. The following are common shirk statements the Sunnis use advertising their shirk.


1. Quran and sunnah go hand in hand - please note there is no such thing as the sunnah of Muhammad. There is no alteration in Allahs sunnah 33:62, 17:77 which is what the prophet was told to follow.

2. Allah says He has the BEST HADITH 39:23 yet most Sunnis do not even know that Allah refers to the Quran as a hadith and questions people ‘in which HADITH AFTER Allah and this revelations do they believe in? 45:6. But these Sunnis reject these types of verses and turn to the invented baseless hadith instead 31:6. Please note hadith are the words of compilers/narrators not the prophets.